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Traps And Vacs

Designers and manufacturers of individually handmade

Bespoke traps and honey Bee Vacuums

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About us

When I carried out pest control, I came across a lot of customers that had bee hives, but could not easily in some cases collect swarms, mainly due to their inability to either stand or use both arms. This obviously made conventional swarm catching more difficult. Hence our bee vacs with longer hoses, and removable lids to let the bees ventilate, combined with a sliding base to allow the bees to leave the box. (Remember that shorter hoses can be purchased from your vacuum dealer or from E bay, also as a tip if you have a swarm just out of reach fit the suction pipe to a pole by means of a zip tie or similar)

Following on from the concept of trying to make peoples lives easier I designed the smaller and easier to use bird catch systems. They may not be perfect in design, but I only build them as a hobby and not a business. And they work.

Having retired from pest control after many years, I understand the humane method of catching animals and insects and either saving or dispatching of catch.

As such I started my new hobby of building a few Bespoke traps and Bee Vacuums, all items are designed and built by myself. As such each item built will be without a doubt different to any other that i make.

I am constantly looking at different designs and ideas and as such I try them out on the next item I make, this is the fun in making items that are handmade and not mass produced.

We have amalgamated all of our businesses into one new name and as such we have streamlined our list of items that we make. More will be added over time.

Beespoke Homes and Hives and Just Bee Vacs have joined us at Traps and Vacs to make one business.